Track & trace

Gps tracking: real-time tracking system for all your vehicles

Alert your drivers to traffic jams and send them on a different route to get to their destination on time? Download the driving and rest times from the tachograph remotely? Use mileage tracking to know exactly how many miles your employees drive privately or how long your drivers are idling? It's all possible with the best track-and-trace solution from Trapmann Utility with GPS trackers for cars and other commercial vehicles. That's how you manage your entire fleet efficiently. And you keep the expenses of keeping your employees mobile and your vehicles running as low as possible.

Locate your vehicles

Where is your company car with that urgent delivery? How fast is he driving? Is it in a traffic jam? Thanks to our tracking system with GPS trackers, you're always connected to your vehicles in real time. And do you need proof because your driver was fined? You can use our data for that too.

Functions used: track & trace, route planning

Secure your fleet

Does someone manage to get into one of your vehicles?
Then at the slightest movement, you get an alarm notification from your anti-theft system. Also when your vehicle leaves the geofencing security perimeter you set up.

And for high-end cars, there is the incert approved TT alarm, linked to the control room, with an option to remotely prevent the engine from being restarted.

Functions used: driver identification, cargo area protection, geofence security zones, immobilizer, TT alarms

Automate your processes

Want to be notified when it's time for maintenance, car inspections or tire changes? Automatically upload your fuel card invoices? Forward chat messages to your drivers on the road? With our track-and-trace system, you can see all your vehicles' data in the application on your PC, tablet or smartphone. By using your fleet management system to automate recurring tasks, you no longer forget anything and eliminate mistakes. And that way, you immediately comply with any government obligations.

Functions used: maintenance management, vehicle inspection, digital tachograph, fuel management, chat function

Always make the right decisions

Measuring is knowing. Thanks to the detailed reports in your fleet management system on fuel consumption, driving behavior, downtime, etc., you make the right decisions to manage and expand your fleet. By comparing and analyzing your mileage registration data, you optimize your vehicles and processes and take preventive action.

Functions used: auto diagnostics, ecodrive, trip reports, time recording