Locks for doors

Your company vehicle will be filled with materials and tools that you would prefer no one to pick up unwanted. For this we provide at Trapmann Utility a range of mechanical and electronic locks to provide additional door security.

With our mechanical locks, you can provide a simple form of security on your car without incurring too much expense. We attach these to sliding doors and/or rear doors to ensure that no one unwanted gets into your car.


M-Protect is a Belgian product that secures the entrance to your car, commercial vehicle or truck.

Using Lock systems with pin locking, we ensure that the doors or sliding doors are locked. We can then use various input systems: code lock, remote control, application,... to ensure that the locks release the doors for opening and allow you access to the vehicle or cargo


The Basic lock is the most common solution to secure your commercial vehicle. We install the lock in the floor or on the door and ensure that the doors can no longer be opened. Both rear doors and sliding doors can be secured. Using a numerical code or remote control, you unlock the locks and gain access to the vehicle. If your car is replenished at a specific location or time, this can be programmed in advance.


The Limo-Lock is the strongest and most complete solution that we offer from M-Protect. Not only is this lock stronger, also the communication with this item is significantly modern which allows us to make it cooperate with additional alarms, applications, and unlocking based on strict protocols. The Limo-Lock is also the preferred solution for securing large vans and trucks.