Floors and walls

Trapmann Utility has a whole range of flooring and flooring materials as well as the necessary to custom protect your walls. Like most, we offer wood solutions but we also have our own unique PVC flooring and foam flooring.

Wooden Sidewall

Colored 8mm plywood is cut to size to protect the sidewall of your vehicle. This can be in a shiny brown finish or a light gray color.

PVC Sidewalls & Canopies

The weight of the vehicle becomes all the more important and that's where our team has found a solution! Our PVC walls are 4mm thick and built in honeycomb texture to keep the panels light yet very strong. The standard color is light gray, but black is also an option!

Using this same material, we can also custom make a roof canopy to take the chilly out of the car.

Wood floors

Our range includes Plywood flooring of 12mm with non-slip structure as offered by most. Furthermore, we offer custom plywood flooring that we can treat or cover with our proprietary Taraflex wear resistant vinyl

PVC Flooring

Weight plays a role more and more often. For this, our team has been looking for a light yet strong floor and we have found it! Our PVC is 10 mm thick and is honeycombed to maintain maximum strength. The finish top layer can be chosen from a woven fabric pattern or rubber anti-slip.