Electrical installations

Trapmann Utility has all the knowledge on board to equip your car with the right power supplies. Do you want to use a heavy grinder from an outlet in your car or between 2 yards just charge all your batteries, anything goes! Depending on your needs, we will install an extra battery with the inverter and a plug to charge everything when you are at home.



With the Clayton Power inverter you have a 4-in-1 inverter with built-in battery. This inverter has its price tag but then it is the Rols Royce of modern inverters. With Victron Phoenix products, we will work with you to put together the right voltage package.

USB outlets

If you need an extra USB or USB-C outlet to charge your devices during the ride, we can provide it for you without any worries at the place of your choice

Sound systems

We have years of experience in upgrading or expanding existing music installations. You can also contact us for a complete customized music installation